Camera Class

ISO, filters, and shutter speed

Aperture, depth of field are foreign to me

Feeling frustrated with all the new vocabulary

Searching for connections and knowing that I need

Time to process, practice and hands on learning to see

How to understand my camera and have it apply to ME

7 thoughts on “Camera Class

  1. I was given a DSLR camera a few years back. I took a camera class at the local community college. I was lost for most of it. So many seemed to understand all those settings and they produced some great shots. I did walk away know how to create better shots and I now mostly just use my phone.

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  2. Persist! That is my advice. Just like our kids learning noun/verb, perimeter/area, vowel/consonant. You don’t have to know it but you will understand all so much more! My advice, get a book to help you!

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