The Sun is Coming Out

This week has been gorgeous! Sunny, warm days (40’s and 50’s) with no wind. We typically get 30 or more mph winds in my town in Wyoming and so it seems quiet and still when compared to the winter storms and freezing temperatures of recent days.

First, it seemed that winter would never end and then suddenly the sun is out.

Yesterday in my small math group reminded me of the sun coming out for one of my students. It’s 4th grade and we’re dealing with some difficult concepts with fractions and finding common denominators, LCM etc. It’s all very overwhelming. These are tasks that I wasn’t introduced to until 6th grade. But I digress, back to yesterday.

“This doesn’t make sense,” he said as we’re finding least common multiples, equivalent fractions and finally adding them and simplify. “Whew”

“Okay,” I say, “Let’s back up the bus.” We get out the fraction bars and we talk about the why….. why are we doing this and what’s the purpose.

“OH,” he says, “I get it.”

I love it when the sun comes out.

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