Four Daughters

Four adult daughters, each different, lovely, intelligent, independent and empathetic. Each on their own with their own families. I love watching them continue to grow now as adults instead of small children. Still hurting with them, celebrating with them. watching them make good choices and bad. Just as I did in my thirties.

This spring break I’m visiting my youngest daughter in Louisville. It’s a different kind of visit because there are no grandchildren here yet. We’re having adult time. Going to the bourbon distilleries, movies, adult talk about politics and dreams for the future. I love watching them banter as a couple, giggle, argue and play with their goldendoodle “Archer.” My daughter (her coach used to call her “little red” when she was 10 and playing soccer) took us both for an amazing massage yesterday. Ahhhh

Last night, we had a late night run to Wendy’s and listened to Dane Cook’s comedy routine about when he worked at Burger King, but told the ladies he worked at the BK lounge. Hilarious… They make me feel young again.

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