I Listen, but do I Hear?


It was early Saturday morning and it was just that perfect morning for a walk along the river.  Baby blue skies, calm and gentle breeze, with spring in the air.   I grabbed my coat, camera and coffee, hopped in the car and drove down to the Platte River.  Perfect!  There was only one other car there which meant I’d have some quiet time for refection and observation.

It didn’t take long. As I started down the path, I could hear the meadowlarks.  They were back!  I stayed so very still, listened…….. looked.  I could hear them but still didn’t see one.  I walked gently into the dry meadow where green grass was just starting to peak out.  It was hard to stay quiet as my feet crunched beneath me.


There he was.

Once I saw him, I began to see and hear more of them.  I must have been getting close to a nest, because there were a pair of bright yellow meadowlarks flying and singing.  They were really trying to divert my attention.  As I kept listening,  I could hear a soft chirping of babies near me and understood.  I slowly tiptoed back to the path and continued my walk… smiling.  Happy to slow down for a few moments.

IMG_2496         IMG_2508


As I walked along, I thought about my students and how sometimes they make a lot of noise and commotion about some minor issue.  Or how in my relationships, there will be an argument or disagreement about…. well… I’m not sure how it got started.  Could it be a diversion from the real problem?  I listen to them, but do I hear and understand?  Will it be like the meadowlarks?  The more I listen, the more I’ll hear.









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