Funny but True AR Story


As a special education teacher, I’ve never been a big fan of AR (accelerated reader) quizzes.  There are a couple of reasons for my bias.  These quizzes bring an unnatural pressure for students to “fake” read for points.  You’ve probably all experienced the students that …. watched the movie, then took the quiz or had a book read to them, then took the quiz or simply never read the book at all and then miserably failed the quiz.  BUT, have you ever experienced this….

This happened in a 4th grade classroom, students are require read books at their “level” and take an AR quiz at least 1 per month.  As I’m checking the quizzes and scores, I see that one young man has read such books as Big Bird’s, Big Book and Elmo’s Countdown to Bedtime.  Not only that he’s flunking the quizzes. Hmmmmmm

This student is actually a wonderful reader, however, not my best rule follower.  Still, I was surprised when I discovered this and called him over to tell him how disappointed I was that he wasn’t taking this assignment seriously.  I needed to find out what was going on.  Was he being silly? Was he rebelling against the AR quizzes?  Was he showing off for friends?  All these questions went through my mind.

His answer, “I didn’t do that Mrs. Worrell.”

“Well, if you didn’t do it, who did?” was my rather haughty reply.

After some lengthy investigation, the general education teacher and I discovered that there were two young ladies in this class that were playing a trick on him.  They’d found out his password and entered those books and quizzes on his account.  Well, well, well.  That was a first for me.


4 thoughts on “Funny but True AR Story

  1. Wow. You know if they were at a university that would be grounds for dismissal….pretty serious trick. And mean. So thankful you were able to talk to the young man and figure out the situation.

    Great lesson!

    (plus…I am NOT a fan of AR!)


  2. It sad that in 4th grade this type of trick is being played. I’m glad that you got to the bottom of this problem. Hopefully the girls are rethinking what they did.

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