Determined… checking in on my one little word

This word was chosen because I was tired of giving up, running away and hiding my head in the sand.  If there was any push back in life I gave up.  I preached stamina to my students, but I didn’t have as much as I wanted in my own life.

This word was chosen because I wanted to increase my follow through on personal goals for myself, my relationships,  and my profession. I was determined to be intentional about….. about life.

Now, when I grow weary of the fight, I think of you… determined….and I remember to push a little harder to find a way to break through the walls of a student, a wayward daughter, or an intimidating challenge. Determined to stay and not be afraid.

For me it is frightening to confront conflict, to speak out, to be assertive about my beliefs and this year I have been determined to find the way that works for me.

My word has made given me confidence, strength and well, dare I say it… determination.

I want to thank you for your support, OLW and want you to know I will continue to keep checking in on you as the year goes on and I continue to grow more determined in everything I value, cherish and hold dear in life.





6 thoughts on “Determined

  1. I love this post. What a great word to remind yourself of what you want to go after and to push through. I can relate to the part about avoiding conflict and to not always speak out or up for yourself and what you want and think it’s awesome that you can think of the word and what it means, to give you the strength to do it. Thanks for sharing.

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