Where I’m from…..

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Where I’m from….

I’m from the land of cows, milk, cheese curds and beer

From a time when children were seen but not heard

When seat belts were optional and car seats unheard of

We played until the noon whistle, ate lunch, and then played until the street light came on

Playing statue tag, freeze tag, red light, green light and rode the tires out on our bikes

I came from the music of Petula Clark, Frank Sinatra and the Mills Brothers at home on vinyl records on a stereo with big box speakers

I came from a father that read us books way above us, so my vocabulary grew – “The Secret Garden” and “Just So Stories” to name just a few

I came from love that was felt but not spoken of or shown much

A place where we played in creeks, forests and made up wild imaginary tales

I came from a place that wasn’t perfect

But I loved it and it’s helped me become who I am



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