My Five Favorite Things

Day #16 #SOL17              Thanks to Leigh Ann for this inspiration!


  1. Ears because I love listening.  I love a good story  which may be one of the many reasons that I’m crazy about reading, writing and listening to podcasts. Every party needs a good listener!
  2.  My warm, grey, soft and fuzzy cardigan because I’m always cold! I typically dress in layers because there are also those occasional hot flashes too!
  3.   Chips and dip – plain old ruffles potato chips with sour cream and ranch seasoning dip.  My parents used to have this on the nights they played bridge with their friends and they would let us eat some before we went to bed.  Somethings just taste better because of our memories of those foods.
  4.  Dominoes -I love this game because you can talk and play and also I can play with my grandchildren.
  5. Which brings me to my most favorite thing – my grandchildren.  My nickname for them is…. the entertainers. AND who doesn’t need some entertainment at a party.

This was such a fun slice for me to write!  It was so hard for me to pick just 5.  I hope you enjoyed it just as much!

8 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Things

  1. Yay! Another partier! I think you are the first one who thought to bring a game – what’s a party without games! Thank you for attending! This has been fun reading about everyone’s favorites!

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