My Definition of March Madness

Day #15  #SOL17

I love college basketball, but that is not what I’m thinking of this morning as I contemplate this month good and bad.  Thanks Fran McVeigh for inspiration for this slice.

Going Mad                                            Getting Better

PAWS -Wyoming state testing

Testing is a reality of life…I have to                                                                                                              take tests to be a teacher,                                                                                                                                electricians have to take tests and                                                                                                               lawyers have to pass bar exams.

SO many meetings

Meetings are a chance to collaborate,                                                                                                          reflect and unify as teams and as a                                                                                                              building.

Distracted, wiggly students

Challenge to improve my instruction

Top down decisions

Umm…. okay still working on this one

1 1/2 weeks until break

Don’t wish it away, use every minute

Family pressure

Appreciate that you have people that                                                                                                          need you and support you when you                                                                                                            need them.

It is all about perspective and so today… I choose to embrace the madness!

slice-of-life_individual                     welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-border

2 thoughts on “My Definition of March Madness

  1. It sure is all about perspective. I am glad you could see a little positive in most of the negatives? Your “Still working on this one” made me laugh. I think that is a pretty common problem in schools unfortunately!

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  2. Good for you! Sometimes, embracing the madness helps you to stay sane! It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the madness of it all, especially right before the break. Since our quarter ends right before the breaks, that also means grades are due, projects are trying to get done…so many things happening before you can even get to the break! This reminds me of those slogans: Keep Calm and Embrace the Madness! Thanks for sharing!

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