Chivalry is NOT dead

 Day 2 #SOL17

Two Writing Teachers

A slice from last year.

Perhaps my head was in the clouds as I walked unhurried to my first session of the week.  The day before, I’d been traveling all day to get here from Wyoming to St. Louis, Missouri for The Council for Exceptional Children Conference.

St. Louis is a bit bigger town to navigate when one is used to small town Wyoming.  I found out the hard way when attempting to walk downtown and find my way to the convention center.  As I was walking…. er.. and gawking. And no.. I was not texting.  I walked across the intersection and found the only pothole in the street and promptly twisted my ankle. Tumbling forward to the ground and unceremoniously spilling the contents of my bag and coffee into the middle of the intersection.

I didn’t even have time to think when I heard a succession of rapid footsteps behind me. A gentleman walking behind me quickly ran to my aid, helped me up, and asked me if I was O.K. He helped me gather my scattered things and looked at me with real concern in his eyes.  He was so kind and luckily I was just fine. Although I’m sure I was blushing profusely.

I was so flustered, I’m not even sure I thanked him properly, but watched him as he continued his brisk walk to his destination.

Thank you Sir.





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