Grandma, “We need to go.”

slice-of-life_individualLately, my daughter and her little family have been struggling and I’ve been here to help pick up the slack.  My daughter works so very hard, but when you’re a newly single mom with four young girls, occasionally there’s some slack!

My daughter goes to work earlier than I do and I live right across from the girls elementary school.  So she will drop them off at my house, I make sure they have a snack for school and enough to eat to start their day.  It’s been working out great and gives me time each day to chit chat with the girls.

It makes me smile when they come storming in each morning and each morning is different.  Yesterday, the oldest (5th grade) was very animated following me around and talking about how excited she was for school that day.  She (along with a few other students) were completing a project that taught them how to be a docent at a local museum in town and today was their day to show what they’ve learned by being a docent for their class.  She was telling me tips and tools that she had learned and that she was going to try out today.

After this nonstop chatter, my normally very shy and introverted 5th grade granddaughter looks at the clock and tells me…. “Grandma, we need to go.  My friends are waiting!”

Love my granddaughters! This story is about Cloe, the tall one with the glasses.

9 thoughts on “Grandma, “We need to go.”

  1. You are quite possibly the luckiest Grandma ever! Getting to start the day with grandchildren and living across from an elementary school is a dream of mine for sure!

    Have a great Friday!


  2. I loved this. I love watching my mom with my son. She is LOVING being a “nana” and gets the biggest kick out of him. I think you and your granddaughters are so lucky to be able to spend quality time together. Nothing better than that! 🙂

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  3. You are fortunate to be able to spend the before-school times with your granddaughters. I love the way you captured that small moment…It’s those small moments that are important! 🙂

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