Let the March Madness begin!! #SOL17  Day 1  SO grateful t0 ,Two Writing Teachers

Okay, I think my love affair with sticky notes may be coming to an end.  I think… no..  I know that I need a more efficient way to keep track of things.

I used to love my sticky notes for my………

to do and grocery lists, 

random phone numbers,

doctor appointments,


cute notes for my granddaughters (okay, may keep them for that)

writing ideas scrawled and crumpled in my pocket

You may have guessed it, but I’m a whole picture person and not always so good with the details.  Those.. pesky details will work themselves out.

As a special education teacher, I’m constantly running in and out of classrooms all day long.  I may be co- teaching or taking a small group or individual. Upstairs, downstairs, all around the school.

Here’s what happened today –  Me to 3rd grade teacher- “What is your state testing schedule next week?  3rd grade teacher to me- “Here, I’ll put it on a sticky note.”

Me to 4th grade teacher – “I need to schedule an IEP, which dates are off limits?”  4th grade teacher to me- “Here, I’ll put it on a sticky note.”

Me to 5th grade teacher -“What skills should I get ready for centers next week?” Well… you can guess what she did.

I get back to my room and can’t find a single *&%#$! sticky note… sigh I need a better system.


“Here, let me put it on a sticky note.”

welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-border                                               slice-of-life_individual


9 thoughts on “#stickynotesarenotmyfriends

  1. Oh no! For me, as a teacher, I live and die by my clipboard. Now, admittedly, it ends up with a lot of sticky notes attached to it, but I also have a weekly To Do list form, among other things, to help me keep track.

    In my personal life, I am a bullet journaler. I love, love, love lists, so it’s right up my alley. Thanks for the welcome wagon welcome!


  2. Love this and can totally relate! Always losing my info on my post its. Yet, I still live by them! Opening a new packet and new color always gives me a bit of happiness. Sad but true! Ha.

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  3. Ha! I use sticky notes all the time, and they can be a bit troublesome for sure. They never seem to stick as well as I want them to…

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