An Experience with a Two-Year Old

It’s true what they say…. most people are much better grandparents than they were parents.  The reason being is that you can be told over and over again to cherish the time with your children, they grow up so fast, but you don’t really “get” it until they are grown and gone. Then…. and then….the wonderful second chance of being a grandparent.

Last night, I had some grandparent time with my two year old granddaughter.  What a joy!  We read books about elephants, dinosaurs and big cats.  She pointed out all the mommy, daddy and baby animals.  “Dat’s the mommy,” she said as she pointed.  “Dat’s the baby.” I modified the text to her attention span as she tried to turn the page before I was done reading and we kept finding “mommies” and “babies.” When we got to the end of the book, she quickly grabbed the next one on our pile until we both tired of reading.

When we finished with that it was on to the jewelry.  I keep a plastic bucket of costume jewelry that I don’t wear anymore and she loves it.  She holds up a mess of necklaces.  “All tangled Grandma,” she exclaims.  As I work to untangle them, she finds another one and holds it up to show me.  “My favrit,” she says as she looks at the necklace containing a delicate chain and pretty gray stones adoringly and then gives it a gentle kiss that melts my grandma heart.

We continue to play until my daughter arrives to pick her up.  After they leave, I look up at the clock, I realize that in all that time, I didn’t worry about school, politics or anything else.

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2 thoughts on “An Experience with a Two-Year Old

  1. The old quote is true “If I knew how much fun grandchildren were I would of had them first.” lol I love that my daughter has two sets of awesome grandparents! She even still has 4 great grandmothers and 1 great grandfather alive.


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