What Gives you Joy?

I heard about this special education program that gives  juveniles an alternative to going to jail.  One of the exercises that they do is to individually tell the group what gives them joy.  They do this in an effort to help build community, connections and common interests.

I have felt  like I’ve been dwelling on the negative a lot lately and so thought I should give this a try.  I think it’s already working… I’m already smiling just thinking about my list.

Things that give me joy….

My four independent, articulate and amazing daughters

My grandchildren… enough said

Observing, walking and breathing in nature

Reading anything and everything… I can’t read the same author over and over… love variety

A calm, quiet place to reflect and be at peace- even as a child, I had that place on the old cracked bridge, moose creek

Putzing around in the kitchen and cooking something that turns out so good everyone gobbles it down

Traveling, exploring, experiencing

Sharing my passionate feelings about teaching with like minded professionals

Wow… and so it starts….

7 thoughts on “What Gives you Joy?

  1. This reminds me of the celebration jar – where each day you write on a piece of paper a small celebration and add it to the jar. Thanks for reminding all of us to find the positives in each day…


  2. One year at summer camp we were challenged to not complain the whole week. It was difficult and some of us cheated by prefacing our comments with, “I’m not complaining; just stating facts,” but it did open my eyes to how often I tend to be negative and how my outlook can quickly change by focusing instead on joy and gratitude. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. I found your hook intriguing. Love your list of what brings you joy- my list would include: holding my husband’s hand, hearing my children’s laughter, watching students amazement while I read aloud, and cooking!

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  4. This is a wonderful exercise for anyone-thinking about what brings you joy. I might try a similar theme on Slice of Life, if you don’t mind. Just reading your list made me feel more joyful and smile. Thanks for sharing! Happy writing.

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