March is a Bear

My personality is a bit random and scattered and so here’s my attempt at a to do list for March

My list for March…. hmmmm

#1 March does not come in like a lion, March is a Bear! 🐻

#2 Do taxes (as soon as I get my W-2’s, I moved and they got sent to my old address- ugh)

#3  Stop procrastinating (HA maybe next month)

#4 Get organized  (just as soon as I remember where I put this list)

#5  State Testing at school, get mints, gum and a cloak of positivity (see Harry Potter)

#6  Write everyday

Perfect…..Okay… well that should keep me busy for March



2 thoughts on “March is a Bear

  1. Your list could be mine ( except for the taxes…mine are done) Isn’t it funny how we procrastinate on the things we dislike doing ( housework in my case) but find lots of time for the things we love.


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