Words with Friends

Words with friends -We used to have words with friends in the back yard over the proverbial white picket fence.  That’s how my mom did it.  She and her friend that lived right behind us would meet at the back fence with their coffee and chat.  Neither one of them worked and couldn’t go anywhere because our neighbor Pat couldn’t drive and my dad always took our car to work.

Words with friends – Pat had kids our age and so we became fast friends. We had words with those friends.  Loud and raucous words or words filled with giggling and laughter.  Our mothers would find us stuck up in a tree or under the bed playing barbies.

Words with friends- My own children had words with friends.  Growing up in a neighborhood filled with children they talked as they dressed up and made homemade videos or created their own games and dances.

Words with friends- Now I play the scrabble game on line called Words with Friends and it’s fun but the words don’t have meaning and the chat is in a corny, crazy chat box.



7 thoughts on “Words with Friends

  1. Loved the line “we used to have words with friends in the backyard over the proverbial white picket fence.” What an image!
    It is a loss to see less engagement and conversation with people these days. Will the next generation even know how to talk to their neighbors? Will they even have a reason to?


  2. When having technology conversations with my children, and they look at me like my standards and ideas of limiting their time on their devices is barbaric, I often remind them that they are the first generation that find technology as connection to be normal. From now on, I think I may send them to this post to back me up! 🙂

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  3. I love the structure of your writing. You convey well a sense of longing for a time that seems to have vanished. It seems like it was easier to find friends to talk to in neighborhood settings. Now there’s no one hanging around the fences waiting for neighbors to join them. Thanks for reminding me of my own childhood too!

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