Dear Night

Dear Night,

I need to open up and be totally honest with you.  I have this love, hate relationship with you and it’s time I told you.  As a child, I never liked you unless I was outside playing red light, green light by moonlight or catching fireflies in a jar.  Once it became bedtime, I never wanted to go to bed.  You would tease me by changing my closet into a hiding place for monsters and you would hide alligators underneath my bed.  I never had morning or day treat me like that.

Night, sometimes we have a grand time together eating popcorn and watching movies until late.  Other times, your darkness makes me feel the depths of loneliness with only the radio to keep me company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for those middle of the night phone calls that make me jump, and my heart race with fear. But, during the day, it’s different.  I have a multitude of people around me, sharing, talking, supporting me and me them.

I welcome you night, when I’m tired and am so grateful for my snug bed and the darkness that gives my mind and body rest.  But then, there are those other nights, when you won’t let me sleep because the quiet darkness makes my mind relive and wish for a redo when I really just need a recharge.  As the day dawns and the sun promises a new beginning, my mind is busy with the clutter and noise that helps me forget.

And so night, now you know my true feelings.  I love you and I hate you.  At the end of the day,  I’m sure we can work things out.  Let’s talk.

Yours nocturnally,


#SOL18  Day 22



7 thoughts on “Dear Night

  1. Ashley Brown wrote a similar letter yesterday to Daylight Savings Time. You both captured so much more than the personification of darkness. I love how you wove memories into it with fireflies and alligators. Great post!

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  2. This is a powerful post, and a great idea! I love the “Nocturnally Yours” part! I’m going to think about who to write a letter to. Night is a tricky time. Just remember that the morning sun always arrives!

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  3. The letter was such an effective way to address the emotions and feelings of your relationship with night. Each paragraph illuminated a new part of your relationship bad/good. This was an effective and engaging way to write about these feelings. I was drawn into your nights, empathizing with the struggle. Wonderful post!

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  4. This is a crafty slice! “Sometimes we have a grand time together…the quiet darkness makes my mind relive and wish for a redo when I really just need a recharge.” You captured both sides of it.

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