Spring Break

I’m traveling with sketchy internet and not able to post everyday as I’d like to, but will share as I can.  This post shows a bit of our driving 9 hours in one day adventures.

Setting the scene.

Traveling in a new to us camper van for the very first time, we inspect and learn all we can about the generator, sewer hose (ugh, but so glad to have a bathroom), water, stove and awning. Then off we go.  It’s so great, I can walk to the back and get a drink and make sandwiches.

I fill the gas tank at one stop. It’s tricky because you have to use a key to unlock it, then take the gas cap off, fill it up, gas cap back on and lock it back up.

At the next stop…… Steve asks where the gas cap is…. and asks did I forget to put the gas cap back on after I filled up.. gulp…. yes.. yes I think I did.

So mad at myself!

#SOL18 Day  25

6 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. It is fun to be able to roam through the vehicle while motoring down the road. You’re not alone in forgetting to screw on the gas cap. I’ve lost several.

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  2. Oh, you will have so much fun… in spite of the forgotten gas cap. We did road trips in a van camper when our kids were young and have wonderful memories. Every so often, we would get a motel just for the comfort of king-size.

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