Walking in Wyoming


Bundle up..hood, zip, gloves.  I have friends that don’t wear a coat.  I can’t do that.  I crave warmth.

Tiny steps.  STEP, step, step, slow and solid.  Take your time, there is black ice under the blanket of snow.

Leaning into the wind, turning your head sideways to avoid the 40 mph blasts.

Whirling snow, holding my computer bag and purse close to me.

Finally reaching the car.  Opening the car door so, so slowly.  Don’t let go and hang on tight. Throw your bags in.  Slide on in. Definitely don’t open both sides of the car doors at the same time or things inside the car travel outside quite quickly.

Wow… deep breath.  Turn on the ignition.  Just sit for a minute before you go.

Happy Monday.

#SOL18  Day 5

7 thoughts on “Walking in Wyoming

  1. You have described the struggle of getting into a car when it’s windy so well. There is a real art and strategy to it. Living in a windy part of the world myself, I can relate to your post. Thanks for taking something so simple and frustrating and putting it in words.

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  2. This is great. I can feel your Monday morning walk to the car. If it’s anything like mine it feels like eternity but it’s only 10 feet. When you have an armload of bags and a puffy jacket and wind and cold it’s awful!


  3. Your piece really portrays the struggle and paints a picture in my mind. I don’t live in a windy place, but last Friday we had a Nor’Easter and the wind was so strong. I got a little taste of your struggle.


  4. Love all the details in your writing- felt like I was there! I know it probably gets old and is no fun on a daily basis but it sure does sound beautiful out there!

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  5. The wind I live with now is hot, but your post reminds me of when I lived where the wind was bitterly cold. The walk to the car was harrowing! You brought back memories. Move slowly…

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