Blast from my Past

A slice from my days growing up before cell phones and laptops.

Karen nearly ran into us, as she struggled to jam on the brakes and stopped inches from my toe.  She was out of breath, sweating and looking pleased with herself.  “I’m glad you’re still here!” she said.

“Sheesh Karen, way to make an entrance.  You almost crippled me for life!”  I grumbled.

Every Saturday a group of us, all girls and all of us between 9 and 11 years old, would gather at the corner of my street.  I lived in Grafton, Wisconsin.   We met under the street light at 10:00 a.m. sharp.  You didn’t want to be late, or you might have trouble finding us!

screenshot from google maps of my actual street corner 

“Sorry.” Said Karen.  “Mom gave me extra chores today.”

We all had Saturday morning chores, but Karen’s mom had the most rules about them.  We liked to get going quickly because when the noon whistle blew.  We were all expected home for lunch.  After lunch, we had the entire afternoon to finish our adventures.

Today was getting off to a rough start, it was already almost 85 degrees out and we needed to decide what we were going to do for the day.   We decided on one of our favorite things and that was to ride to the woods behind the middle school.  That morning it was me and my sister Colleen.  Also the sisters that lived behind us, Bonnie and Terry and last but not least our friend that lived down the street, Karen.

That’s it, we weren’t waiting any longer and we took off towards the woods.  Parking our bikes, we hiked and found the perfect climbing tree.  We all wanted to climb it.  What self respecting 10 year old wouldn’t?  As we climbed, one by one everyone dropped out except for me.  I was the winner!  I went the highest!  Yeah!

“Come on Vanessa!”  Bonnie yelled.  “We ready to take the bikes to another part of the woods.”

“Um… Er…. I can’t,”  I reply.  “I’m scared, I can’t come down.”

So, they try cajoling me down. No luck.  Finally my sister grabs her bike and hustles home to get Mom.  She gently talks me down out of that tree.  Sweet Memory.

#SOL18 Day 6




8 thoughts on “Blast from my Past

  1. Your slice reflects the balance between independence and reliance on family and friends. I wonder how many kids today have the chances to stretch themselves and find those limits to their independence.

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  2. I, too, grew up in a simpler time when kids could go off on their own for hours, make up games, rides bikes and explore as long as you were “home for lunch” or “home for dinner”, it was all good. Thanks for a cute tale of an earlier time.


  3. Oh the good ole days! Where you played outside with your friends from the neighborhood. We used our imagination and rode bikes and it was so much fun and just so simple!! I love this memory and that “before cell phones” your sister would hop on her bike and ride home to get your mom!!! 🙂 I miss those days!

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  4. Makes me think of a poster I used to have in my classroom. It was a kitten stuck in a tree. It said, “Sometimes it’s easier to get into things than to get out of them.” Guess you proved that one to be true! Hahaha, great memory!


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