A Letter of Gratitude

I wanted to share a letter I wrote to the principal of my granddaughters school this year.  I changed the names, but kept the content.  I wanted to share this because we don’t always know the impact we’re making as educators.  This is one small slice of one life where teachers made a difference.

Hi Mrs. Principal,

A word of gratitude…..

I’m Grandmother to the girls that arrived at your doorstep last fall, brand new, to your elementary school.

I wanted to take some time this morning to acknowledge what a blessing your school and staff (in particular your 2nd, 4th and 5th grade teachers ) have been to my beautiful granddaughters all year long.

You couldn’t know it and I’ll spare you the details, but they had a very rough summer just before entering  your elementary school.  They came to you in the fall, from small town Wyoming.  They did not know anyone nor have any friends, and coming to a much bigger school, they were worried and unsure. Everything in their world was changing.

The culture at your school and these teachers made a difference for three young ladies. As grandma, I had the joy of having the girls each morning before school.  As we ate breakfast, they would excitedly share things about school.  Not once, all year long, not one time, did any of them say they did not want to go to school.

You made a difference.

My granddaughter in second grade grew 25 points in math this year.  I was proud and grateful, but honestly that is not what I valued the most about her year with this very talented teacher.  It was her caring attitude and ability to provide my granddaughter  a safe place amongst all the chaos that I appreciated.  She made a difference.

Another granddaughter was in the fourth grade class and she also grew a huge amount in her academics. Her teacher’s hands on approach and her willingness to put in the extra effort of creating these wonderful projects and hands on learning was just what my granddaughter needed.  Being new, she struggled with friends this year and her teacher was there to help her work through these problems.  She made a difference.

Another granddaughter was in the 5th grade class and yes, once again this daughter grew in her academics.  She also grew from a shy, quiet girl to a confident young lady.  Her teacher could made her laugh and helped her feel that she was an important part of that classroom.  He made a difference.

I know this email is a bit long-winded and I thank you for your patience in taking the time to read it.  I wanted you to know at a personal level the impact that you and your school have made for this lovely little family. Your school made a difference.

Have a good and refreshing summer.  #You deserve it!


Grandma Nessi



5 thoughts on “A Letter of Gratitude

  1. And you made a difference in the teachers’ and principal’s lives by taking time to write and thank them for all they did. Letters mean more than anything. I am so glad your granddaughters found a safe and happy community in which they could thrive this school year.

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  2. Love this. It is so very important to tell educators they are making a difference! I love that you took the time to write this letter and send it. Lack of appreciation kills motivation. Thanks, again. Reading this came at a great time for me.

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