Sounds in the Airplane

Day #26 #SOL17  slice-of-life_individual

Sitting in seat 15C, the aisle.  Across the aisle a slack-jawed teen already stretched out with his headphones and eyes closed.  A young toddler walks past me in the aisle carrying her small backpack on her back and looking pleased as punch with her independence. As they find their seats behind me.  I have a feeling I’ll be hearing more from her later.

In the middle and window seat next to me is a young girl about ten traveling with her grandmother. The girl is telling joke after joke to her grandmother.  I love listening to them talk and think about possible trips with my own grandchildren.

The flight attendant goes by asking me to make sure my bag is fully under the seat in front of me.  As we take off, I settle in with my book, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, and all the other sounds around me seem to disappear.

10 thoughts on “Sounds in the Airplane

  1. This slack-jawed teen,
    stretched out with his headphones
    and eyes closed,
    ponders the world from above,
    strapped into his seat, secure and safe,
    never knowing that, for now,
    the earth is forever in motion,
    and not just spinning for him,
    for gravity will yet pull him closer to us,
    eventually, perhaps not without a fight,
    even as his soundtrack plays to the audience
    of one.

    –Kevin, lifting a line for a poem as comment

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  2. Yes, we need to be aware of those around us, but also able to sink into our own concentrated thoughts!
    I enjoyed this small moment very much. I appreciate your sympathy for the younger people flying with you 🙂

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  3. I feel like I am there when reading your post. I am glad you were “poem bombed” by Kevin too. It reminds me that every person on the plane is the star of their own story.

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  4. I have trouble turning off my “teacher ears” when I fly and tend to hear every single noise from everywhere on the plane without my noise cancelling headphones, but I love that you can cancel everyone out with a good book. I hope you are jetting off to somewhere nice!

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