A Fanciful Escape

It was a birthday present from my grandma and I was disappointed at first.  After all, I was eleven years old and she gave me sidewalk chalk? That was until she pulled me aside to tell me about how this chalk was special and how each color had it’s own magical power.

If you draw something with red, you could touch it and it would feel hot to your finger tips.  If you drew blue it would feel as cold as dry ice.  You better not hold your hand on it for too long!

I drew a picture of a fire in a fireplace and it suddenly burst into flames!  Luckily I had a bucket of water near by and there were no flammable items nearby.  Sniff.  I smell burnt hair.  I reached up to my eyebrows and feel them curled up singed.

Hmmmm I thought, what should I draw next……

Slice of Life
SOL Day #8

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