Buying Shoes

I’d been looking forward to this weekend.  I went to Casper to see my daughter and my granddaughters. I hadn’t seen them since before Christmas and I needed my grand baby fix.

“Let’s go to Payless”, I tell the girls.  My daughter and I had decided it’s time to ditch the boots from winter and get some new shoes. So we headed out with our four young charges and headed to the mall. Their ages range from 10 to 2 and they were a bundle of energy last night.  We’d already had a full day.  We’d been to the park, swam at the hotel pool and eaten bbq at Famous Dave’s.

We started at Payless… but also went to Target and Famous Footwear by the time our evening ended.  As we entered the store, we measured their feet and showed the girls the sections for their respective sizes.

The 6 year old brought me the first pair that she wanted… knee high boots with high heels… hmmmm….wellll…er….. let’s keep looking… then the 8 year old found the perfect cute spring turquoise shoe, but they didn’t have it in her size.  The two year old was pulling boxes of shoes off the shelf from her stroller and the 10 year old wanted silver glitter wedge shoes….wow…  it took so much patience….it was exhausting….it was like herding cats…. there were just so many choices.

It made me think about this world and all the choices that my grandchildren will have to sift through throughout their life.  I worry for them, support them and love them.

If you’re wondering what shoes the girls decided on……



6 thoughts on “Buying Shoes

  1. Knee high boots with high heels… I’ll be saying the same thing, let’s keep looking! I cannot wait to wear my sandals too. The winter is not harsh this year but it’s just so nice to be able to go outside without wearing layers and boots. Seeing the two beautiful pairs of sandals make me want to go out there soon and find a new pair for me.

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  2. You were a brave soul to take them shoe shopping. There are way too many choices and just when you think you have found what you want, they are out of your size.

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  3. “herding cats” ha! I imagine it is so, especially with the overabundance of choices for girls shoes. I’m with you on the “let’s keep looking”. I like the final choices. Looks like a good time was had.

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