Blending In or Standing Out

Inspiration for  this post provided by this picture taken on a trip to Costa Rica of the butterfly that has managed to do both blend in and stand out.greenbutterfly

We can….

Be afraid of sounding dumb, or ask a question

Do the drill, or be inspired

Blindly trust, or trust your gut

Criticize what you don’t like about others, or be direct and share your knowledge

Let yourself be marginalized, or stand tall and strong for your ideas

Its been a struggle for me to find that balance.  I was raised in the 60’s when “children were seen but not heard” and it’s always been difficult for me to move from being the silent one in the background.

I’ve gone from invisible to loud and strident to calm and confident.  My goal now is to be blending, collaborating and part of a team while standing out and speaking out for what’s important to me.

Writing is the reason I’m finding  my voice. It’s helped me create a place for thinking, reflecting and being myself.

Thank you for giving me a place where my voice can be heard.



10 thoughts on “Blending In or Standing Out

  1. There is so much to think about in your post. I love the idea that writing has helped you to find that sweet spot between blending in and standing out. As a child of the 60s myself, I was raised to always be helpful, and NEVER to make waves. But sometimes we’ve got to stir the pot and make those waves. I’ll think about your post today and about how writing impacts my understanding of myself and how I present myself to the world. Thanks so much for sharing this thoughtful reflection.


  2. I love that you have acknowledged that this is a place for you to stand out and share your writing. I wonder if life is not about the balance between the two. I always think, as a leader, that I need to work to blend in so that others can find their voice and share their talents. “It’s not always about me.” I’ve also been given the feedback that sometimes, teachers just want to here me share my thoughts. That’s ok too.

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  3. Thank you for sharing that your photo both inspired your post as well as being intertwined with it. Through your writing the person I glimpse is both practical, confident, as well as self-doubting. One of the blessings of a journal is a place to look at our doubts and fears. You are so much more than a one dimensional thought or action.

    Your reflection allowed me to share your journey and to reflect on similar journeys I have taken to wrestle with my own doubts. Well said.

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  4. I am glad that writing helps you find your voice. I was raised not necessarily in a “children should be seen and not heard” climate, but rather a “we don’t talk about that” setting. Similar…

    I read a long time ago that we “write to know” – it is the very act of writing that helps us find our stance on the world around us, it helps us articulate our feelings and emotions and our attitudes. Glad this is your experience too!


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