Finally here, my week at Highlights Foundation!

We made it here, dusty and weary from our drive.  Steve and I started July 5th from Casper, WY and are making this our grand adventure this summer.  We’ve been visiting family and recently Gettysburg, PA along our way and now we’re here. Well I am here. Steve  dropped me off and he is now off exploring the state parks in the area and will be back Thursday to pick me up.  He seems just fine.  He’s already sent me a picture of the lake behind him and an active eagles nest nearby.  After we leave here, we’ll be going on to Washington DC and other adventures on our back home to Wyoming.  However, I’m not wishing this week away.  I plan to take it all in, to write, ask questions and refresh.

So I sit here guilt free and enjoying this little piece of paradise. A time to reflect and write and meet like minded people. I can already tell that I will gain weight from the food that has me drooling right now just thinking about it.  The people here are friendly and very welcoming.  I felt a bit overwhelmed and shy at first.  There are published authors taking this workshop!  I’ve decided that I just need to be myself and focus on my own intentions for my writing and enjoy the others, but not compare myself to them.

We had a beautiful opening address by a children’s author from Cuba, Emma Otheguy.  Among other books she’s written a biography  called Marti’s Song for Freedom .  We each received a copy of her book which she graciously signed my copy.  A very sobering and inspiring book given everything going on in our country.

I’m getting ready to read it right now before I go to bed and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks again to Two Writing Teachers for this amazing opportunity!

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 10.05.58 PM.png

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