Live Your Life you Say?

Doctor appointment today.

I go monthly now a days.

How do I make it go away?

I have a life that I can’t  betray.

I really don’t want it to stay.

Looking at me in your way.

You didn’t flinch, blink or sway.

Live your life is what you say.

And I’ll help you hold it at bay.

#SOL18 Day 15


5 thoughts on “Live Your Life you Say?

  1. Beautiful advice, even if we aren’t in a health crisis. Wishing you the best and thank you for the heartfelt poem post. Live Your Life. I think I could breathe that as a mantra.

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  2. A powerful reflection. I can feel something of the question, “but how?” I guess there’s no real answer but to be grateful for little things, family, friends, and even the strangers who have read your words and now carry you in their hearts, too.

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