Dancing in the Sand

It’s January 10th 2020, but I’m where it’s hot, sunny and sandy. It’s my niece’s wedding and she was married in Panama!

My sister passed away almost 1 1/2 years ago so I really wanted to be there for her and my niece……….and so I was.

The Wedding

My niece ….. beautiful, simply beautiful

The wedding……palm trees, sunset beach. personal vows, both families touched, supporting them……………..missing my sister

The after party……cerviche, shrimp, mini tacos, cervezas, sangria, Balboa, fresh pineapple


The band leader yells, “Time to dance!”

The band is on the beach as they serenade the families and friends having the official wedding pictures taken. As his call to dance gets all the cousins and grandmas and grandpas excited to dance, my aunt grabs my arm and says “Come on, let’s dance!”

“I don’t dance in the sand,” I reported as I crossed my legs and clapped along with the mariachi band.

An uncle of the groom takes my hand and asks me to dance…… sure!

A salsa dance in the sand later, I sat breathless and laughing.

Taken shortly after a dance in the sand.

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