A Story

I want to tell you a story. That’s what my 5 year old granddaughter said to me as she struggled with the door of my Subaru Forester. You see, I have the opportunity of picking her up most days after her long day of kindergarten and we hang out until my daughter gets home.

“What is it,” I ask her as I get her situated with her seat belt.

“Well, I was sad because my friend didn’t want to be my friend or play with me today and I asked Mrs. B for help. Mrs. B noticed I was sad and called me over. I told her my problem and she talked to my friend and I together. Then at the end of the day, my friend gave me a piece of gum!”

Listening to her story made me smile. I’m so grateful for a teacher that notices her students and helps support more than academics, but also understands the 5 year old mind. So happy to hear her stories.

3 thoughts on “A Story

  1. The teacher modeled listening, point of view, close reading, and problem solving – all essential for effective, reflective readers and writers! We don’t have to choose between proficiency and humanity – they are so closely linked. Thank you for sharing.


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