Retirement Groove

7:00pm Monday

Special Ed teacher bud of mine calls, we catch up and she says she’s taking former student of both of ours to dinner, Olive Garden Tuesday at 4:30 and former student would love if I came. Of course, I’d love to!

6:30 Tuesday

Nagging thought that I should be somewhere…. OH fiddle de dee… I forgot dinner… didn’t write it in my calendar and totally forgot. Ugh

My first year of retirement and I’m realizing, I need more than just travel, reading and lunch dates. I know from all my years of teaching that routines are grounding. I need a groove and a retirement routine. Not a rigid one, but not a read til noon and shower one either. Time for some reflecting about what that will look like……

5 thoughts on “Retirement Groove

  1. Just thinking about this will help you find your groove. I spend three days a week with the grand boys, so I do let myself spend the other two days less regimented. You’ll figure it out. And you’re right that routines are grounding, just keep them flexible.


  2. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 12 years–my schedule is like yours now, very loose and open and sometimes that’s great and sometimes that’s not. I’m suddenly itching for a job–not sure if volunteer or not. But giving up all of my free time is…gulp…scary! Especially when so many envy my open hours. I liked your slice very much–thanks!

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