Two Writing Teachers March Writing Challenge!

Day changes to night, winter to spring, and puppies to old, wise and loyal companions. Grandchildren are crawling one day and silly, sassy teenagers the next.

The things that used to seem SO so important, no longer matter. What’s important changes and evolves with perspective.

Lately, I keep hearing “I’m so ready for spring” or “Is it spring yet? I’m so sick of winter.” It started me thinking about change and transitions.

Typically, I don’t like change. I’m a homebody that feels comfort in routines. However, it’s pretty much impossible to escape it’s clutches. My sweet 30 year old niece that lives in Chicago posted a picture of herself with frozen hair and the quote “If you can’t change it, embrace!” Yes! I think about that attitude a lot lately.

I’m getting older. Embrace it. I have more time to write, travel and help others family and friends.

It’s cold and snowy. Embrace it. What can I do inside? Organize, read, bake an amazing apple pie. Plan your next vacation.

I’m beginning to have a better relationship with change.

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