Do you have “that” Friend?

I am lucky enough to have several of those friends.  You know the kind I’m talking about?  The one that offers that support that you didn’t even know you needed?  The one that doesn’t buy you things, although that is very thoughtful and kind, but it’s the gift of time that I’m talking about. That friend that just calls or texts and says, “How are you doing? How about coffee sometime this week?”  It makes you wonder, how did they know?

And then…. when you get together, you talk and laugh or sometimes cry.   You share… really share your thoughts, concerns and joys without fear of judgement or recrimination.   Then, it’s been a solid two hours before you realize what time it is and that you must get home to your families.  You leave each other with more confidence, more to think about, a burden lifted simply by sharing with a trusted friend.  Sometimes it’s just a pedicure where you get pampered while catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and sometimes it’s a crisis that you need help with processing. When talking to family is just too close.

My life is so busyslice-of-life_individual.  I’ve been sick lately and admittedly self-involved so that I don’t feel I’ve been taking time to notice and take care of my relationships, friends and family.  I want to fix that.

This coming year, I want to be “that” friend.

I do feel lucky and filled with gratitude as I think about these friends and reflect about the difference they have made in my life and it makes me smile.

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