When?  At what age? Is it gradual or sudden?  When do our students or own children become accountable and responsible?  How does that happen and how can I help it along?  These are some questions raised after listening to a conversation on a  2 hour car ride between my daughter and my 5th grade granddaughter.

My granddaughter has great difficulty with spelling and has been receiving poor grades. So, my daughter convinces the teacher to give her the 12 page spelling/vocabulary packet (don’t even get me started on that) on Friday so they could get a head start over the weekend working and studying the words for the week.

It worked perfectly that first week.  She completed 2 pages a night, studied and received a 100% on the spelling test.  So this is what happened the next week.

Daughter:  “Get out your spelling packet so we can start studying your spelling words for the week.”

Granddaughter:  “I don’t have them, I forgot them.”

Daughter:  “I specifically told you to leave your backpack in the car so that we could work on them.”

Granddaughter:  (sarcastically) “Sorry Mom, sorry I can’t do anything right, sorry I forgot already!”

Me:  (thinking) Being accountable,  respectful and responsible are the skills that need to be taught here.. not spelling.

One thought on “Accountability

  1. Ooh this is a difficult situation to be in. It must be hard to hold your tongue. As a 5th grade teacher, I really struggle with spelling with my students. I want them to know how to spell correctly, but I also want them to focus on their writing and not just their spelling, knowing that spell check is readily available.

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