Campsite Story…

Well a lost gas cap was not the worst to happen to us on this camping trip.  We also had a flat tire on our Dualie Ford Van Camper. Steve was a little crazy trying to figure out how to fix it in the middle of nowhere and I was busy staying out of his way.  But while waiting for Steve to get things figured out, I had the opportunity to visit with people that worked, volunteered and were visiting the park.

Big Bend National Park.  It’s been on my list of places to see for a few years now. I’m loving it! But more about that later… back to my story….

As I was waiting, eating dried apples and drinking vitamin water, an older gentleman approached me and asked me the best way to get to the river (Rio Grande).  We had just gotten there that morning and so I told him I wasn’t sure.

He wandered around looking for help and I chatted with his wife that was eating an ice cream cone. I noticed she was holding the cone in a way that reminded me of my friend that has rheumatoid arthritis.  Her fingers were scrunched together and awkward, but it was a fleeting thought and we continued talking.

Pretty soon, her husband came back with directions and they were ready to head out.  His wife walked to the trash can to throw away her trash, but she could barely walk.  Her feet shuffled along and then she struggled with opening the trash, you know those bear proof kind, her husband watched but didn’t intervene.  I wanted to run over and help but I didn’t.  He watched her with such patience, love and compassion in his eyes and I wondered if they had talked about him letting her do things herself or if he just didn’t want to take a shred of her independence from her. I could feel their sweet love and watched them as they made their way to their…. car? not car… a Honda Shadow 750, a motorcycle.  What?  Now I really did feel inspired and impressed with this couple.  Again, he waited patiently, as it took a long time for her to get on the bike.

Then off they went to find the river.  Have a good trip she hollered at me as they zoomed by.. yes.. have a good trip yourself.

#SOL Day 28



7 thoughts on “Campsite Story…

  1. I love how you captured all the thoughts and resulting decisions that flickered through your mind in this post. I have often marveled at couples/groups who either seem to have an imbalance in power, like if the gentleman had perhaps stepped in and taken care of the garbage himself, or that perfect balance, which it seems you witnessed. I bet it depends on many factors, in this woman’s case she was going to continue to do it her way! Enjoy Big Bend, it is high on my list of places to get to!!!

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  2. Life throws us unexpected opportunities. I know it was a challenge that you had a flat tire, but perhaps without it you wouldn’t have witnessed and reflected on this woman’s perseverance and her husband’s compassion and patience. They are a lesson and an inspiration.

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  3. What a lovely slice from your day. I appreciate how you dialed in more closely to what was happening between the woman and her husband. Such a display of love and devotion for her. The motorcycle was sure a surprise as I was reading! So neat to imagine their adventures together.

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