Hanging up the phone

But worry lingers

Did I say the right things or did I make it worse?

Tossing and turning, unable to move on

Should I call back?  No it’s too late.

Sitting up, trip to the bathroom, drink of water

Taking out a notebook, flair pen

Adult children with adult problems

Finding the delicate balance of support, advice or just a listening ear

Things to ask tomorrow, remind her that I love and believe in her

She can do this

Sleep comes

#SOL18 Day 19




8 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Oh! This is so powerful and so true. When my adult son was a baby I remember thinking…I just have to be really vigilant until he is 18, then 21 and now I am thankful for the phone calls and the chance to still worry 🙂

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  2. I think you completely covered the struggle of being a mom who is an amazing support to an adult child. You remind me of my mom…and I so appreciate every single time she has just listened, supported and let me know that she had faith that I would make the right decision.
    I just saw that you won the Highlights retreat. Congrats!!

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  3. Adult children…mmmm….what can I say? As an early childhood specialist, I tell the parents of toddlers that I would parent 2 year olds all over again rather than adult children. I guess it’s because they are so much heavier to carry in our hearts!

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