That item in your closet…

This was an idea for a prompt from last year…. pick an item from your closet and write about it.

If you’re not sure what this is.. it’s a hanger of scarves from my closet.


This item made me giggle because a few years ago my children were asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  I didn’t need anything but decided I was going to start wearing scarves and told everyone that was what I wanted for Christmas.

My wish was granted.  I got scarves.  Homemade scarves, wide formal scarves, spring flower and butterfly scarves, green, pink, blue, tan and paisley scarves.

So I started wearing them only to find out.

I hated scarves.

They got in my way and were heavy on my neck and I could never figure out how to tie them so they looked cute the way I’d seen them on others.

My hanger of scarves is still in my closet looking like a very colorful boogieman.  But, I can’t bear to get rid of them.  They were such thoughtful gifts and after all, I did ask for them. So, every once in awhile, I try out a scarf just to make sure I still hate them.

#SOL18 Day 13

3 thoughts on “That item in your closet…

  1. I guess it’s true: Be careful what you ask for. Maybe you could use them on a snowman? Or dress up a pumpkin at Halloween. I’m the same as you…I can’t get rid of things someone else gave me even if I have no use for it.

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