Elvis… The King

#SOL18 Day 11

I’ve always been a huge fan of Elvis Presley.  I love his music, am curious about the type of man he was and the life he led.  I’m not the kind of fan that believes Elvis is still alive or hangs velveteen portraits of Elvis around my house.

But, the very first record that I owned by him was “In the Ghetto”.  It was a 45 rpm and I played it over and over again.  I don’t even remember what was on the other side.

Last year, I had the opportunity to finally visit Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.  My daughter moved to Nashville and we took a road trip.  It was raining when we arrived. Not just raining, but more like the cats and dogs kind of weather.  It added to the mystery of the place and consequentially the crowds were much smaller than usual too.

We got our tickets to see Graceland.  I was barely able to stand still bouncing from one foot to the other and talking nonstop.  My daughter is 28 and was not that excited about Elvis but she did this with me.. for me.

We walked through the house and I took pictures.  I wanted to linger as she was dragging me along.  Then, we went outside.  Elvis is buried there and there’s a small tombstone that represents his twin brother’s grave although he’s not buried there.  Here Andrea became very upset.  She was asking about the family and wondering how they could visit Elvis’s grave in peace and quiet with all these people around.  How could they have privacy?

My sweet, tenderhearted daughter.

I’m pretty sure they visit after the visiting hours when everything is closed I remind her giving her the biggest hug.

Elvis fabric                           Elvis Andy

3 thoughts on “Elvis… The King

  1. Graceland…What a wonderful opportunity! The way you weave the different emotions and reactions across this story, yours and your daughter’s, is so well done. Thanks for sharing this slice!

    Liked by 1 person

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