Never Too Old

Walking into the Crescent Moon Coffee Shop, I look at my watch.  I’m right on time yet as I look around, the place is filled with women that are “never too old”.

Its the name of a book club that our local library organizes which I participate in when I can.  The reason for the never too old title?  We read only young adult novels and  parents and their teens are encouraged to attend.   Our library provides the book, a discussion leader and a beverage of your choice.  We just do the fun part…we read and talk.

I hustle to order my drink and join the group.  There have to be about 20 of us here. There’s an energy and a buzz in the room. It’s positive vibe.  There are familiar faces and new faces, but we have all come together with at least one common interest.  The book.

People move back to widen the circle and offer me a chair. I feel very welcome.  Settling into the chair, book on my lap, eager to start the discussion, I remember back to the very first one of these discussions I attended. There were probably 6 or 7 people there at the most.  I reflect on what a positive impact this has group has had on our community.  A hush comes over the group.

Shhh.. she’s starting. I lean forward eagerly.

We start with quick introductions.  What’s your name and what was your first job? Then we dive right in.  Our leader starts out positive, tell one thing you really liked about the book.  And off we go…..

Our latest book club choices!

#SOL18 Day 2

6 thoughts on “Never Too Old

  1. I have been dying to join a book club and love the idea of a multi-age group. Sounds like you actually get to talk about the books-which I know is commonly missing in many book clubs. Thanks for posting!

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  2. What an awesome idea for a book club!!! And thank you for the book suggestions. My most recent very very very favorite book that is almost coming out as a movie and is probably more of a young adult book than anything else is READY PLAYER ONE! You just have to read it!

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