Good Morning…

No alarm.  I don’t need one anymore.  I simply wake up at around 5 a.m. everyday.  Some nights that’s after middle of the night bathroom run.

5 a.m it’s quiet at my house.  On Thursday there’s the sound of the garbage truck outside. Somedays, like this morning, I can hear the wind crashing through the trees and making the fan in the bathroom rattle.  I know if I listen to the weather on the radio, it will say “high wind warning in effect today”.  But I don’t turn on the radio.  I like the time to think, to write and reflect.

I don’t have to hop in the shower until 6:30.  I make a list of things to do.

  • Start gathering tax documents
  • Clean bathroom
  • Take a break from the tv tonight
  • Call and check on daughter that’s been having migraines

Shower time.  I swear that I can solve the worlds problems in the shower.  Some days, it’s a private place where I cry and let the spray from the shower wash my tears away. But today, I look forward to my new citrus scrub. Yum.

Glass of orange juice, oatmeal and NPR.   Make a quick sandwich for lunch.  Today it’s ham and swiss.

Take a deep breath and head out the door.




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