Time With a Three Year Old….

Pet scan today.. but luckily,

I had the four granddaughters from after school until nine last night…3, 8, 10 and 11. While the older girls watched TV, played on their kindles and did homework, the three year old and I played.  I haven’t smiled, danced and acted that silly in a very long time. In a word, it felt, refreshing.

As we walk in the door, “Grandma- juicy please”

Me:  “Just a minute, let me put my things up and we’ll get some juice.”

“Juicy, juicy, please please, in my blue cup” said jumping up and down tugging on my pant leg and looking up at me with blinking eyes and a wide grin.

Me:  “Your cup is pink, here you go”

“I steal your spot grandma”  said as she runs to my favorite chair, giggling, sippy cup in hand.

Me: “No you don’t!” racing her to my chair.

Then, dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs sliced open with cheese and wrapped in a crescent and green beans.

Loading the dishwasher, going outside to find ants.

“They don’t bite me!” said delightedly as she squishes the ant between her thumb and pointer finger.

Dancing to the troll song, Moana and when the older girls joined us, Meghan Trainer and Taylor Swift.

Reading her favorite books at grandmas house – Jillian Jiggs, Where the Wild Things Are, and Cat in the Hat.

Taking turns brushing hair before bed.  Singing quiet songs, making up the words.

Quiet even breathing, watching her sleep.



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