Missed photo op….

IMG_2509     This is the picture I got…. but this was not what I had been watching, quietly crouched behind a tree in the morning hours of early spring.  I came here hoping for a sighting of some migrating birds and water fowl.  The park was silent and I was loving it.

As I came around the corner of the pond  two beautiful wood ducks swam out into the open from that brush where the trees are reflected in the still, calm water.  I froze and then hid and watched while holding my breath.  My camera hung useless around my neck, forgotten as I became lost in the scene before me.

Wood ducks are rare here and in that moment, I felt like someone had given me a golden ticket.  It was as if I’d been rewarded with a very special treasure.  I finally remembered my camera, clicked it on and pulled it to my face. Just as soon as I got ready to take this shot, they flew off and here’s what ended up on my camera… no ducks.

However, as I walked away, I was smiling thinking about my missed photo op.



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