Wild…. life…

Day #30 #SOL17slice-of-life_individual

A few years ago I took a class called visual literacy.  In today’s world much of the information that our students see is visual. The title of the class intrigued me since I’d never thought of literacy as being visual. Then I remembered when teaching reading recovery how I taught the young ones to use picture clues to help them with comprehension. It’s true that we take in information visually all day long, we determine settings, make inferences and synthesize the things we see.

I had a quest for this trip besides the obvious of spending time with family.  My quest for wildlife was to see and photograph a Harlequin duck. I’ve never seen one!  I was not successful in my quest, but take a look at all the things I encountered on my journey.  It reminds me that goals are important and even if we don’t always reach the ultimate goal, we gain unexpected insights along the way.

For my slice today, I’m sharing some beautiful moments of my trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington state visiting my daughter and finding some other beauty on the way.  Please enjoy my reflections through these photographs.

My daughter and her cute family, a sweet moment.
Lucky shot of a bufflehead duck!
Orca from Pod 7 – “Mike”
Right before we saw this cute quail couple, we saw two red foxes which were too fast for me and my camera.  San Juan Island

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