Day #22  #SOL17   slice-of-life_individual

Watching a student today taking the PAWS Wyoming state test.  ADHD, not medicated and not able to sit for long.  The test “rules” say that there are no breaks, no recess, no lunch  until completed and each section must be taken in one sitting.

He’s an active boy, quick with a hug and a funny story.  He loves anything native american, animals and games.  He forgets.  He is scattered and has trouble concentrating.  But he wants to please and succeed.

Watching him today taking the test, wiggling back and forth in his chair. He’s holding his pencil up to the light analyzing every nook and cranny.  I walk by and just touch his arm to remind him of his job.  He looks up at me with a grin and wants to share one of his stories.  My finger goes to my lips… not now.. tell me later as I gesture towards his exam.

Minutes later he is bent over looking up under his desk.  I walk by again and gently touch his back and point to his exam.  His face fell and he looked at me pleadingly.  I knelt down whispering to him.  “You’re doing amazing.. you can do it.”

90 minutes later he is finished.  Until section 2… tomorrow.


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