Quick Trip to Walmart

Day #23 #SOL17   slice-of-life_individual

I definitely try to avoid shopping at Walmart. I’m not a Walmart snob and  it isn’t that I don’t like the products. It’s not because of the service, although the lines at our Walmart are horrendous.  It does upset me that Walmart makes SO much money and it does not get passed on to the workers.  But, the main reason is that  there are just too many choices and I always end up spending more money than  I anticipated.

Last night, It was a long day and late.  I needed to make a salad for our birthday luncheon…. today.  Big sigh.  I’ll run to Walmart.  It’s the closest and will be quick and easy I think.  Umm… Wrong!

I ran into at least seven people that I knew.  Talk. Shop. Talk. Shop.  I could not,  for the life  of me,(does anyone else say this anymore?) find the mandarin oranges. Good Grief. I’ve walked past these things about four times. Every time I turned a corner, I almost crash into someone.  Sorry. Excuse me. We meet again!

Whew, ready to check out and I look at the lines.  Self check-out I think.  Ding, Ding Dinging, starting to relax when….. unknown item, UNKNOWN ITEM????

Unknown Item for Salad

4 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Walmart

  1. Ha. Ha! Oh the fun of Walmart! 🙂 I feel the same way when I go into a Target. I spend SO Much money, always get way more than I went in for, and always see people I know. It can turn into an all day affair! 🙂 Also, there is Nothing worse than when you’re FINALLY done (or so you think) and ready to make your quick exit when the self-checkout gives us a hard time!! I hope everyone at your luncheon enjoys their “unknown” items for their salads! 🙂

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  2. LOL. I always leave Walmart with more than I went in for, and it is always a longer trip than expected because of the long lines. I can’t tell you how many times I have sworn that I would not go backt here!

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  3. Something always happens that makes a Walmart trip longer than expected. That’s just the way it is. 🙂 Oh, and for the record, *I* say “for the life of me”, so there’s at least one person left. 🙂 ~JudyK

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  4. Ha ha! And of course the unknown item was your elusive mandarin oranges! I love your story and how you tell it. It amazed me how many people you ran into that you know. That doesn’t happen to me too often. Running into students is sometimes the most awkward, such as the time when I ran into a student of mine in Victoria’s Secret! Oh my!

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