Day #20 #SOL17  slice-of-life_individual

Inspired by our inspiration today…


I’m feeling sore, but can’t exactly pinpoint what I did this weekend to cause this.

My classroom is empty and I’m taking a break anticipating the last week of testing before spring break.

I’m trying to kick caffeine, but the cranberry juice I’m drinking just isn’t quite making it. Draggin…

It’s that part gloomy, part sunny day where I wish the sun would win the battle.

I’m making a mental list of things I need to do before Friday which includes presents for birthday parties, March birthday luncheon pot luck and packing for my trip to Washington to see some of my grandbabies.



8 thoughts on “Currently….

  1. I love this little snippet into your state of mind here. I hope that the sun did in fact win the battle today, you’re not feeling as sore still, and that you have an amazing trip to Washington with your grandkids!! Oh, and good luck with the kicking the caffeine! I’m currently “cutting back” and trying to just do one coffee a day, but it’s not easy!

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