3rd Grade Writing… a Drama

True story ……  Characters:  Me (Special education teacher),  3rd grade teacher (Mrs. L.), 3rd grade students        Setting:  3rd grade classroom     Background: Two teachers have worked hard all year to build relationships with each other, students and parents as a team. Using an inclusive model, collaboration and gradually as trust grows more and more co-teaching.    Problem:  Special Education teacher (that’s me)  forgot she needed current writing samples for data for IEP meetings the following week.

Me: (Computer in hand) “Mrs. L. I have a request.  How would you feel about doing a quick write with the entire class using this picture.  (Showing visual prompt of whale shark and diver).  Or I could just pull individual students and get writing samples that I need.”

Mrs. L:  “No, that would be great, let’s do the activity with the entire class during writing time.  I’ll let you lead it.”

Me:  In my mind…. mic drop, fist pump and snoopy dance!

3rd grade students:  Wrote for 10 min. from different perspectives with different voices and a variety of genres including mystery, nonfiction, fantasy and more. They shared, laughed and asked if they could write more.  They analyzed, complimented and questioned.

Me:  I got my writing samples and a lot, lot more.



9 thoughts on “3rd Grade Writing… a Drama

  1. Nice! Great teamwork and quick way to get the data you needed, and probably some great stuff from the rest of the class. Love the Mic Drop! Lol. I am the general ed teacher in my inclusion classroom, but my spec ed teacher is awesome and we’ve developed a great working relationship! Your story sounds very much like something we’d do as well.


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