Is it Writers Block… or…

Day #11 #SOL 17

It’s not that I don’t have any topics swirling around in my head….

Perhaps the problem is that there are too many and my mind can’t seem to settle on the one that I’m ready for…

You know what I mean….not quite ready….for instance… I’ve been wanting to write about the time I had West Nile Virus, but every time I start… and think I’m ready…. I can’t go there yet.  I had the virus 5 years ago.

Just like the fact that right now… I can’t read any dog books or go to any dog movies.

I’m not ready.

Because I know what writing does.  It forces me to process my emotions and understanding of events and experiences, which is a good thing, when I’m ready.

I’ve read so many times on the Two Writing Teachers Blog and other places that writing requires  bravery.  It’s true. I admire the slices that I read that talk about real feelings and not just the positive ones.  It takes guts to be vulnerable and admit being human.

So, thanks to all of you brave writers out there that help me accept my faults, make me smile at your antics and feel the warmth of your spirits in this writing community.

slice-of-life_individual                                 welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-border


6 thoughts on “Is it Writers Block… or…

  1. I love this post! Despite what you may think, you’re already being vulnerable. I agree that writing brings up lots of emotions. I need to write a story about the past year, but like you, I’m not ready. I can’t do it. Yet. One day, I’ll be ready. So will you.

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