Hey Day -A Mom Moment

Day 5 #SOL17    slice-of-life_individual

Children now seem to have an abundance of snacks.  I was reflecting on this as I wandered through the Valentine parties at my school. The amount of sugar was staggering.   I remember being thrilled if we received 2 or 3 little candy hearts inside our valentine card. These observations in turn had me reflecting on the snacks we had growing up.

As I grew up, my sister, brother and I would get an after school snack and bedtime snack.  That was it!  We didn’t have extra money for lots of snacks and we didn’t live close to grocery stores. Our snacks after school may have been homemade chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) or peanut butter and crackers. Our bedtime snack was usually something sweet and most probably-ice cream.

I remember my mother would hide her favorite snack from us, because otherwise, when she went to eat it… it would be gone!  Her favorite snack was a cookie called “Heyday.”  They don’t make it anymore, but it was similar to the Girl Scout cookie Samoas only shaped like a rectangle.

I’m certain she would pull them out after we had gone to bed so she could  savor that cookie without having to share it with any of us.  I guess that this  is how it happened.  I don’t know for sure.  Because as a mother, I too had a favorite snack that I would hide from my children. Ahhh…. I could eat something in peace.  Mine all mine.

We eventually caught on to my mother and her hiding place, which afterwards she would generously share with us. I’m sure she had other snacks that she hid and I wonder why the Heyday cookie is one that I remember so well after all these years.


5 thoughts on “Hey Day -A Mom Moment

  1. I just had this conversation with my son yesterday- what we had hidden from them and what my mom hid from us. We never got the Club Crackers. I love reading this and thinking about how things are so universal.

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  2. My favorite snack was and still is the Tastykake Tandy (now called candy) cake, Now I even bake my own. yummy. It would be interesting to know what others have as their favorite snack.

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  3. I just came back from two weeks with my family. Parents and two kids enjoying snacks at home. No need for a candy store, they had drawers filled with goodies. Good thing I was only there for two weeks.

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