I woke up early on a dark, cool fall morning.Slice of Life

Tossing….. turning… no… I simply couldn’t go back to sleep.  At last, I rolled out of bed and threw on my sweats, grabbed my journal, camera and binoculars.  Perfect time of the day to see some wildlife, I told myself. But there was another reason.  My mind was so full, that all of my thoughts seemed to be tangled up in one another and I wasn’t able to sort them out that morning.  I knew what I needed.  I needed some nature.

My favorite place to walk is a state park about 20 minutes from my house.  It has the Platte River running through it and has been designated an Audubon Refuge.  Some days it remains just a park, but on other days it’s more like a Jurassic Park.

I drove there, I was hopeful of seeing some migratory birds, water fowl, antelope or white tailed deer.  As I pulled up, the sun was rising and I already felt my mind start to clear and noticed the tension in my body begin to relax.  I walked along the river and listened to the birds that had been awake long before me.  I stopped and pulled out my journal.  I wrote and wrote my thoughts, fears and frankly my anger came pouring out in this writing which seemed somehow cushioned by the peacefulness of the park.

When I finished, I tucked my journal away continued my walk.  As I made my journey through the park, I was surprised by this magnificent owl tucked up in the trees.

img_2219He seemed a hidden symbol of strength in the middle of the park.  I know it’s silly and  just a saying.. about the “wise old owl”, but he gave me hope in that instant that I too may have a hidden strength and an ability to be wise and thoughtful during my difficult times in life.

And so  I left the park that morning, noticing it was no longer dark, but a bright and beautiful fall morning.  Full of potential



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