Still Processing Empty Nest

Aren’t they beautiful?

My baby got married this summer.  Okay, Okay… well she’s now 26 years old and not exactly a baby.  But it seems it just hit me this summer.  My girls are GROWN, beautiful, caring, intelligent and wonderful young people.  It is SO true what they say about blinking. My girls are grown but not gone.  I feel like I’ve gone from being the quarterback in the game to the cheerleader on the sidelines.  We are close and I love it, but I have to be careful about giving advice and try  not to take over or do it “my” way. They have their own way.

I think it’s that feeling of finality  when it happens to the youngest.  Sending her off to kindergarten, prom, college and now this.  She’s married and there’s not another child coming up behind her.  It feels so final.  Maybe that is one of the reasons we grandmothers find so much joy in our grandchildren.  There’s knowledge that there’s more fun to come and a deeper connection with our adult children.  It’s a secret we share when you’re a parent.  They “get” it.

Some Grandchildren and the Bride

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